22 May

What is the ‘Brexit’?

On June 23, the United Kingdom (U.K.) will hold a dramatic referendum to determine whether it should withdraw from the European Union (EU). Essentially, the British electorate will be responding to the following question: “Should the U.K. remain a member of the EU-or leave it?”

A British departure from the EU-known as a “Brexit”-could have major political and financial consequences. Here we answer some of the most important questions concerning this prospect and its investment implications.


What are the chances and general consequences of a Brexit?

Our base-case outlook calls for the U.K. to vote to remain a member of the EU. Still, the possibility of a Brexit is real, and we believe the financial markets are underestimating it-and thus underpricing the uncertainty leading up to the referendum.

The consequences of a vote to leave the EU would be significant for the U.K. economy, but even they would pale in comparison with the threat it would pose to the European integration project. And the EU’s fate is of far greater significance to the financial markets.

We strongly believe that a Brexit would result in the EU taking more concrete steps towards greater integration among its member countries-but that financial markets would be volatile in the interim following the U.K.’s withdrawal.

Why is a referendum on a Brexit being held now?

Prime Minister David Cameron is fulfilling his promise to hold the referendum if he won the 2015 general election. Cameron’s promise was the result of growing calls for independence from his own conservative members of parliament and the U.K. Independence Party, but he is a strong advocate for remaining in the EU.

What are the arguments for a U.K. withdrawal from the EU?

The driving force behind the campaign to withdraw is the belief that the costs of an EU membership are now outweighing the benefits.

Financial professionals around the world, like Jesse Frehling, and others, remain cautious, but optimistic that June will bring about a equitable resolution to the current tension in the region.

08 May

Bookkeeping Courses in London

London has a huge Banking and Finance industry and this means that it is a City with lots of jobs for Bookkeepers, Accountants and Finance professionals. However, many people are failing to get into these types of jobs because they lack the skills or relevant qualifications needed to be getting a Job in Finance.

Bookkeeping Courses in London

Fortunately, there are now fast alternatives to gain the qualifications needed and most importantly the skills and confidence needed for a Finance Career.

These courses are:

  • The CPD Bookkeeping Course at Souters
  • The CPD Bookkeeping Diploma
  • The AAT Bookkeeping Fast Track Courses that are delivered by Souters

The reason that these courses are so effective is that they are delivered by experienced Accountants and Financial Services experts, so that the student can gain from a high level of expertise. This means that the student learns from higher level professional than the normal classroom finance course or worse still Distance Learning course. Many Distance Learning courses are not even delivered by trained professionals of the fields and are more handled by telemarketing and administrators who have answer books.

These course types are ideal for anyone who is looking for job in Finance, Bookkeeping, Accounts, Clerk or similar types of jobs.

The career is a great one for long-term development as there are jobs at all levels and this mean the change of making progress to higher levels is possible.

People with a mind set to gain a qualification and skills to get work will be suited by these courses. It will also suit people looking for long-term development as it opens the doors for promotions in the future, if you do well in your jobs.

You can find out more about how to enrol and the prices of Bookkeeping Courses in London, please go to Bookkeeping Courses London.

07 May

Maximize Your Work Performance With These 6 Tricks

Lately it has become difficult to really tell the difference between working hours and everything else. People seem to be taking their work home and thinking about it even during dinners and family outings. But if you maximize your performance while at work, you can leave the office carefree and enjoy your time with friends, family or yourself. Here are some tricks that might help.

  1. Make To-Do Lists

Starting off your day with a clear list of things to do helps you stay on top of your performance. It is also a huge time saver, as with a to-do list you won’t be sitting pointlessly, trying to remember that one task you were told to do. Make a habit of writing a list as soon as you arrive to work, or even the night before. Include even the little tasks such as replying to emails —and of course, stick to your list.

  1. Prioritize

Not all items on your to-do list are of equal importance. While it might be tempting to focus on easy tasks that will make it simple to cross them off, it is better to prioritize and concentrate on the most important ones first. Emails can usually wait, for example, but a report to your boss cannot. Doing the important stuff first can in the beginning feel counterintuitive. However, in just a week you’ll discover you’re not under a huge pile of tasks anymore because you tackle the big stuff with more attention.

  1. Get Organized

A clear desktop often grants a clear mind—and more time. Know where you keep important documents, delete or toss those you don’t need, organize your folders and you won’t spend 15 minutes looking for an invoice ever again.

  1. Say No

Managers are especially prone to juggling everything that comes their way, but so are other workers. If you feel you’ve bitten more than you can chew, ask yourself if you are the best person for a task at hand. No matter how good you are at your job, you are probably not the ideal choice for everything, and that is completely fine. Successful people know when to delegate, so learn to say no and do your best at what is left.

  1. Concentrate

Sometimes you’re just present in the flesh while your mind wanders elsewhere. It’s not easy to fully commit to work if you’re having a personal issue, but it’s possible to work on your focus. Close the tabs with social media sites and put your cellphone on silent mode. If you realize that you are still distracted, you can try a cognitive supplement, such as Lucid Smart Pill? A bonus idea: keep an empty paper next to you and jot down every idea that comes to your mind so you don’t have to think of it while you work on something else.

  1. Take A Break

We’re not robots, so don’t treat yourself like one. Working in blocks and taking breaks is making you more productive as it’s allowing your brain to unwind, if only for ten minutes. Stretch lightly on your chair, walk to the coffee-machine or just have a quick chat session with a colleague. Don’t make it too long though—you don’t want to waste time, but to make your eyes and mind ready for the screen again.

28 Apr

The Cayman Islands contrasts sharply with Panama

The Cayman Islands’ status as a robust and reliable international wealth management and financial services centre has been underlined by the revelations contained in the Mossak Fonseca Panama Papers leaks, with not one single mention of Grand Cayman contained within the millions of pages of leaked documents.

There are many reasons for this, but perhaps the most important factor is that unlike many so-called “tax havens” – for example Panama or Macau – the Cayman Islands has succeeded in marrying very high compliance standards – the British Overseas Territory is compliant with the OECD’s standards on automatic tax information exchange – with rules and regulations that make for a very favourable financial jurisdiction. Contrast this with the situation in Panama, which according to the OECD, “must put its house in order” by immediately implementing these [international tax transparency] standards.”

However, the fact that the Cayman Islands has managed to steer clear of the controversy generated by the 11 million leaked documents has not stopped some within the British media from making reactionary calls for all British overseas territories (BOTs) to accept a central register of beneficial ownership. Critics and civil liberty campaigners have been similarly quick to point out that any such central register would not be in keeping with the fundamental British principle of a right to a private life. Critics of Grand Cayman are missing the point: for around 40 years the Cayman Islands has been at the forefront of the fight against illegal financial activity and tax evasion while also presenting a realistic and workable alternative to jurisdictions such as Panama. Whatever the case, experts have predicted that a central register is unlikely to make much difference to outcomes for either Cayman financial services providers or their customers.

Jude Scott, CEO of Cayman Finance believes that “agreed enhancements to this system will ensure proper authorities conducting legitimate investigations can quickly identify all companies that a particular beneficial owner has a stake in without needing multiple requests and that those owners not be alerted to the existence of an investigation.”

“Industry and government have worked side-by-side to implement a legal infrastructure that promotes effective transparency and cross border cooperation with law enforcement that meets, and in some cases exceeds, international regulatory standards and comparable regimes in G20 countries,” he added.

The Panama Papers have caused considerable collateral damage to the global political elite. They have already resulted in the resignation of Iceland’s Prime Minister Sigmunder David Gunnlaugsson, while also engulfing the President of Argentina Maurico Macri, the President of Ukraine, Russian President Vladimir Putin and, even if it is only through familial association, the UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

If anything, the Panama Papers leaks have raised perceptions of both ethics and efficacy in the Cayman Islands’ financial and wealth management services industry; there have been no reasonable allegations of tax evasion and the leaks have only served to highlight the fact that Cayman’s legal and globally beneficial offshore structures for intelligent tax minimisation are working effectively. For anyone who believes in the fundamentals of a free market defined by solid reward for intelligent investment it is clear that the Cayman Islands are flying the flag, particularly at a time when an ageing population require confidence that their pensions arrangements and regular savings are going to outlast them.

“Cayman maintains its position on the right side of the law. Until onshore governments change their tax rules to outlaw what is currently legal tax avoidance, I suspect little will really change for Cayman so long as it continues to comply with global standards on tax transparency and information exchange,” commented one lawyer, a specialist in tax, pensions and wealth management law.

“Cayman is really quite different to Panama in terms of reputation, regulatory regime, compliance with global standards, quality and sophistication of law firms, other service providers and our regulator. The bulk of Cayman business is investment funds, many of which have institutional investors.”

What makes Cayman so attractive?

The Cayman Islands really is the destination of choice for so many international investors, particularly those of high net wealth looking to change their country of residence.

Not only does its financial services market offer stability and opportunity for growth, it provides balance through its access to multiple investment sectors and established companies.

High returns from targeted investment in the “world’s friendliest expat destination” are another feature of wealth management in the Cayman Islands, while its clear seas, white sands and paradisal climate are a bit of draw too.

25 Apr

How To Get a Free Credit Report

How To Get a Free Credit ReportOne of the most important things you can do to help yourself in raising your credit score is contacting at least one of the credit bureaus and requesting a free credit report.


These bureaus may differ from country to country, but in the US, they are: Experian, Transunion and Equifax. Experian has global sites as well, so it’s like the other two do as well.


So how do you go about contacting any one of them about a free report?


1) Go to www.AnnualCreditReport.com

2) You can make a phone request by calling 1-877-FACTACT

3) You can complete the mail-in request form and send to:

Annual Credit Report Request Service

P.O. Box 105281, Atlanta, GA 30348-5281


The instructions for ordering are the same: you will need to provide your name, address, Social Security number and something that you know would be on the report, such as a mortgage payment.]


Keep in mind that this does not include your actual score. Your score can be obtained, however, via an additional paid service. This paid service is worth it, however, because you get to see what’s negatively and positively affecting your score.


Can everyone get a free report?


Yes. All consumers, as of December of 2005, are eligible to request their statutory file disclosure once a year.


How often can you make a request?


Each consumer is allowed one free credit report request from each of the three major bureaus once a year.


Alternatively, you can purchase packages, such as the 3-Bureau Credit Report and FICO score, which gives you all three reports plus all three FICO scores. What you get in this package includes instant online acccess to all three reports and scores, comprehensive side-by-side format, and learning about what kind of credit risk you are.


You can also dispute incorrect information online, instead of having to wait on the phone for a representative. However, if you’d rather talk on the phone, Experian has toll-free support available, 7 days a week.


Lots of Copycat Sites


It is true that there are many copycat sites that promise you a free credit report, but many of these sites are unofficial copycat sites.

So yes, you could go to each individual bureau for a report. The thing about this is that if you approach each bureau’s website individually, they make you pay money up front. That is, unless you go through the AnnualCreditReport.com site. It’s the only site designated, and recognized via federal law, for getting your reports free.


So, Why Get A Free Report?


In these days of increased identity theft, it is absolutely essential you send for your free credit reports, because hackers and identity thieves can do serious damage to your score if you’re not careful.

Once you get your reports, make sure you recognize each account on your report and that every bit of information on there is correct, just in case there’s some activity that doesn’t make sense.

Here are some Common warning signs that you might have identity theft problems:

1) Credit card charges you don’t recognize.

2) Calls or letters about things you didn’t purchase.

3) New cards, or statements for accounts you know you didn’t open.

4) Denials of credit for no reason—especially if you’ve had healthy credit up till now.

5) Information on your reports that you don’t recognize, such as addresses or accounts.

Regardless of how well you know your credit rating, sending for your free credit reports once a year is a must for keeping tabs on your credit history, so that you’re not blindsided by identity theft, or to make sure you know you’re a good credit risk to any lender.


14 Apr

Freelancing in 2016: The Best Home Jobs


More than 14 million people in the United States are self-employed, according to the latest data from BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and many of those people are freelancers who work from their homes on a job-to-job basis for both small companies and large enterprises. However, some home workers are employed people who just need additional income and some are parents who wish to make income while staying home with their kids.

While working from home certainly not for everyone, it definitely has its advantages – there is no commute time, there are no co-workers to distract you (which can lead to a higher efficiency rate, according to ConnectSolutions) and you even have the ability to send emails from your bed. If all of this sounds appealing, and you think that you have the self-discipline to stay concentrated and productive, you may want to check out some of the jobs we listed.


On average, transcription work for journalists pays $0.75-$1.50 per minute of audio, and if you have some background in a specific field of work, such as healthcare, you can earn even more money. However, you should know that most of the healthcare transcription jobs require an AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity) certification. A typical worker earns roughly $34.000 yearly, and the field is expected to grow by the end of the decade.

Freelance Writing

Quality content is in demand like never before, which means there is a constant need for good writers, in fact, more than 70% of blogs are publishing material weekly, or even more often according to a recent Curata study. A writer can earn cash by individual posts and contract, providing content for sites and blogs of media outlets and different companies. The rates depend on the quality of your writing and range considerably from 5-10 dollars for a 500-word post, to a dollar (or even more) a word.

Multi-level Marketing

If you want to earn money and control your schedule, you should definitely look into the multi-level marketing – the business is especially recommendable for young parents, who are trying to spend as much time with their families as possible. You should choose a company with a product you like, because it will make your job infinitely easier. You will have to both sell products and recruit people, so it is recommendable to seek out multi level marketing training courses, if you do not have a lot of experience. The income goes from $10.000 up to $50.000, depending on how much you sell and how many people your recruit.

Customer Service

Many companies, such as Spiegel and Hilton, are looking for people with solid computing skills and good speaking abilities to help their clients with placing an order or solve an argument. If you are looking for a part-time job, this might be the best solution for you, just keep in mind that you are required to devote at least four hours of your time. An average pay is around $35.000, and you just need to fill out an application with a staffing company like Arise and wait for a call.

As we mentioned before, working from home is not everyone, many people like working for an employer because they fear the self-employment tax rates. However, working from home may become a worldwide phenomenon – a recent global survey by PGI revealed that 60% of remote workers would leave their current jobs for a remote position at the same pay.

02 Mar

Why Is It Necessary to Hire a Consultant for Business Startup?


Business consultant plays an important role in achieving the goals of your business. Sometime business owner wants to improve the strategy of their business but don’t know how to start the process. Business consultants help you to move in the right direction in planning or organizing your business goals. You can save your time and money by hiring the professional business consultants and accountants for your company.

The Ambrosiussen accountants and advisors are the best consultants and by getting their services for your business you can ensure the success of your business. They help you in many perspectives of your business such as business startup, taxation services and many others. Even if you are thinking to start a new business on a small or large scale, they will guide you in every manner to start your business successfully.

They guide you about the most appropriate structure and the business plan for your company. Beside this their professional and highly qualified accountants also assist you regarding the budget and forecasting of your business. The Ambrosiussen accountants and advisors help you to register the taxes of your company such as ABN, TFN, GST and PAYG withholding.

Selling and buying of a business are one of the most critical decision and you have to consider a lot of details before making any decision. Whether you are an experienced businessman, there is always a chance that you can make mistakes while accessing the market. If you hire a consultant like the Ambrosiussen accountants and advisors they can help you in making a wise decision after conducting a proper research about the business, its market and its scope in the future.

This was an overview of the services providing by the firm. For more details and complete information about the services you can visit website of the company.

29 Feb

Why Managing Client Expectations Is So Important

Awesome Client Expectations

As a creative entrepreneur, business owner or freelancer, one of the most critical things that you will ever do is exceed your clients expectations.  That can be a very difficult thing to pull off when everybody around you has their own different vision.  However, today we will be covering the precise steps for you to take in order to accomplish this.

The same thing is true when it comes to business.  Whenever a customer is not satisfied with a specific service, usually it is due to the fact that what they were expecting was much different than what they ended up receiving.  When it comes to expectations, the tough part about it is that a majority of individuals are not very good at communicating them.  It is something that can quickly lead to conflict in client relationships.  If you have your own business that you operate, maybe this is something that you have experienced.  You might have had to deal with a client who appeared to expect for you to have the ability to read their mind.  How is it even possible to please those kinds of individuals?Client Expectations

The reality is, when you are a business owner, all of your customers or clients, even the most relaxed and nice ones, will have preexisting assumptions.  That is just basic human nature for you.  That is why it is so critical for you to deliberately and systematically learn everything you can about how people’s expectations can be managed.  When you can shape the understanding that your clients have of the services you provide, it will give you the ability to better ensure that their experiences are positive ones.

However, it’s difficult just managing our own expectations.  So how in the world will we be able to determine how we can manage somebody else’s expectations?  If this is a skill you would like to master, the following are a couple of key ways of getting there:

Be Honest

It is important, from the very start, to be abundantly clear what the Cans and Cannots are of what you are offering.  For example, if one of your clients asks you to get something designed in one day that would normally take a week, then it is better to be honest, and admit that timing could be a problem for you.  Although expressing your limitations might seem like it is a counter-intuitive thing to do, it is much better than leading on clients so that they think you are some kind of superhero who is capable of doing anything and everything.  So in terms of setting expectations, the best thing to do is under promise and over deliver at all times.

Communicate is your job depends on it (by the way, it actually does)

Accessibility is the most important service that you can provide to a client.  One of the things they are actually paying for is to have the peace of mind of being able to contact you with any concerns or questions they might have without needing to wait several weeks to get an answer.  However, let’s admit it: whenever life gets crazy, one of the first things that has a tendency to fall through the cracks is communication.  Your first priority is to return phone calls and respond to emails quickly.  When you communicate consistently with clients it helps to build up trust and make them feel they are in the loop.


You are the branding specialist/ the coder/ the writer/ the designer, etc.  Whatever you happen to do, most likely you are an expert.  However, it is important to ensure that you do really understand what it is that your client wants prior to becoming involved with their creative vision.  Before you strategize on a project, get a survey or series of questions prepared.  Ask about dislikes, likes, brand messaging, timeline, budget – anything that could have an impact on how your client is going to feel ultimately about what the finished product is.


Outline the project with your client and come to an agreement on the timeline.  Or what is even better is to get phases created within your timeline.  That will help to keep your client as well as yourself accountable for the entire process.  It all provides reference points to you that can be checked off.

Furnish Reports

You will win lots of gold stars with this one.  As you work on a project, keeping your client apprised of everything that is going on is very important to do.  Even if they aren’t asking for you to provide them with a detailed report, sending a quick email containing bullet points of everything you’ve been working on can be very helpful.  For one thing it assures them you aren’t wasting time (or their money).  Second of all, it let them feel as if they part of the entire process.  Third of all, it relieves you of any liability in the future.  If confusion comes up later, you can always refer to your weekly or daily report.

Be Human

If you’d like your client to really feel well taken care of during the entire process, then put yourself in the customer’s shoes.  How would you like to be treated?  When collaborating with somebody, what things do you appreciate?  What about things that you don’t appreciate?  Has there ever been a situation where you had a professional not meet what your expectations are?  Let previous experiences you have help you anticipate your client’s desires and needs.  Ultimately, it is about treating other people how you want to be treated.  So be awesome, be honest, be patient, be nice.  Basically, be a decent person, and go do some incredible work.

21 Feb

Advantages of Outsourcing Your Finance Department


If you are curious to know how the small business owners do the accounting related activates, you will be amazed to know that most of the small business owners and the owners of new start ups so it by themselves. This is a good idea because they have limited costs and they can manage the finance of their business very easily. Next is the stage of making the business reports. At the start it is easy to maintain the reports, but as the business grows the owner has to spend more time on other activities like marketing and operations.

At this stage, if you are a business owner, the best step is to hire a professional accounting company to manage all your finance and accounts related activities. When you outsource an accounting company you can get a lot of different benefits from them. There is a lot of different accounting software available that can make the accounting process very easy. It is not possible to employ the large scale software for a small business, but an accounting company that is providing its service on large scales will manage all your accounting activities on that software.

The financial consultants like the Capitis Accounting Solutions can provide you an expert advice on all stages of your business. Whether you are starting a business, in the middle of your business journey or you are quitting your business. You can get the best advice by consulting them for your business. They also provide the training to the business owners and the staff of the business.

To get the detailed information about the services of the Captis Accounting Solution visit website of the company. From their website you can set an appointment with the experts of the company for consultation about your business and the finance related activities.

14 Feb

Tips to Meet the Financial Needs of Your Business


There are a lot of different things that should be considered in the early stages of a startup, but the most important thing that should be calculated before even starting your startup is that how much finance you will need to launch and run your business. If you don’t calculate it before anything else, you might get short on finance right after you launch it. If you have calculated the right amount of finance for your business, the next step is how to run your business.

One of the most important advices that a consultant can give to a startup owner is to keep the cost of the business as low as possible. If you spend a lot of money before even starting to earn, the pressure of earning more money will increase on your mind. If you are taking debt for the startup and you take too much debt, then the chances of your failure will definitely increase. So, it is critical to spend the money on the reasonable things at first. You should be able to compromise on different things at the start to keep the cost low.

The biggest investment of a startup is the premises, if you don’t have much finance start from a room of your house. The other step is buying the goods and services for your office and business. It will be a better option to trade your service to other business owners. Some people get the cashsmart.net loans  when they feel shortfall of money to meet their monthly needs.

Another cost of startup is to employ people for different work. It is not a wise decision to hire a lot of people at the start because you have to pay the wages as well the taxes for employing the people for your business.