24 Aug

5 Key Skills You Need to Get Promoted

Moving up the corporate ladder may sound inviting, but in business, just like in life, few things come easy and free of charge – there’s always a price you have to pay if you want to get your hands on a fine promotion prospect. In order to step up in your line of work, you’ll need several precious assets and skills, a lot of hard work, discipline and willingness to compromise, as well as an unquenchable thirst for professional advancement – but to cut the long story short, here are the five top qualities and skills you will definitely need to bring to the corporate table when looking to get promoted.

Show your best face: Proactive attitude

On the struggling market of goods and services in the dire times of global economic crisis, every well-managed organization needs motivated, success-driven employees with a proactive attitude. If you want to make your mark in your corporate environment, you will need to show you can do your share of work well and on time, but if you want to get promoted, you’ll also need to do a little more than that: inspect, analyze and act. For instance, by contributing your ideas for business development and better functioning of your organizational unit based on your experience and available business data, you will probably make a good impression on your superiors as foresight, analysis and adequate action thereon constitute essential elements of a proactive attitude.


Count your chickens: The importance of resourcefulness

Resourcefulness is one of the critical qualities employers look for in their staff. Being aware of the existing internal and external resources and knowing the best ways to put them to good use with maximum effect and productivity is a precious asset that can help you get up the corporate ladder in a breeze. Thanks to their wise approach to available financial, material and human resources, practically-oriented employees contribute very much to the work of any firm so resourcefulness is definitely one of the assets you should try to demonstrate to your superior if you want to get promoted any time soon.

Like grown-ups do: Responsibility is a must

No employer likes to see their personnel lazing around and wasting valuable corporate time. In the business world, time is precious and responsibility is a must, and if you want to build a good reputation in your firm you should pull your weight and show that you can do your work with ease and efficiency and thus contribute to the success of your organization. One of the critical assets in any line of work, a sharp sense of responsibility is a quality that will not only get you a promotion but can even save you a job in case of unanticipated mass redundancy programs.

Facing the future: Corporate values and vision

In order to make a good impression on your superiors and climb up the corporate ladder fast, you will also need to show that you appreciate the organization’s main values, principles and vision and can contribute to their faster and more successful realization. For example, by offering an intelligent suggestion for the next commercial campaign based on facts and research done at home, you will make it clear to your boss that you are eager to put in added time and effort in order to help your firm operate with success. If you take an active part in the planning of the next corporate step, observance of your company’s values and creation of a better future for your firm, you can expect to be rewarded for your effort by a promotion or at least a substantial bonus.

Order, organize and make it work: Sound management skills

Believe it or not, it’s not just the managers who have to do a bit of managing now and then – all members of staff need to know something about management basics as well. In order to gain and enhance your management skills, you can always complete some specifically-designed career improvement course – or, if you’re not a course type, you can also try and acquire more practical skills regarding administration, organization and becoming better at management in your spare time. Remember: any company will rather hire and keep on an employee willing to pursue their professional advancement and learn more about the various aspects of business than one who does not want to put in extra effort or spend more time at work than necessary.

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