27 Oct

5 Tips for Using Internet Marketing for Branding

Internet marketing is a hugely useful tool for businesses. It can help to promote products and services to a large, global audience and increase site traffic, helping to convert browsers into customers. It can also be a great tool for branding and creating an iconic brand identity. Here’s how you can use internet marketing as a branding device for your business.

Social Media

If you want a recognisable brand identity, you should jump on board social media. Make sure you’re posting regularly on your accounts (but not spamming; that will do more harm than good), and you use your platform to communicate with your followers. Having the freedom to post whatever you want means that you can decide exactly how your audience will see your brand, creating your own unique identity.


Search engine optimisation is critical to a successful online presence and according to one SEO agency in Cambridge, it became a must for local businesses if they want to attract traffic via internet. It is essentially the process of curating content that will help you rank higher in the search engine results. This will maximise your online presence, helping you to better build up a brand identity, and show your audience that you’re a notable business.

Internet Marketing for Branding


Adding a blog to your website can do wonders for your brand. By using your blog to advise potential customers and give more information on your products and services, you create a more trustworthy brand identity and encourage sales. You can also discuss topics around your niche, to show you know your stuff. If you’re a small, local business, posting local news now and again (keep it positive) will also help establish your brand as a part of your community.

Consistency is Key

To build up a recognisable brand identity through internet marketing, you need to ensure all of your content and pages are consistently similar. Use a recognisable logo on all of your platforms and any advertisement, and keep font and colour schemes the same. This will encourage viewers to associate your brand with your image. You should also follow a similar tone of voice, for example light-hearted and friendly or professional and factual. If you aren’t consistent, you’ll find it a lot harder to establish your brand identity.

More than Just a Business

A great way to establish a brand identity through internet marketing is to offer your audience more than just what you are selling. Allow them access behind the scenes on social media, showing them how products are created and what goes into your brand, and make sure to include a section on your website to introduce the team. You should also keep communication open with customers. This kind of personal touch will help your audience to connect with your brand and they’ll feel more comfortable buying from you.

Branding is an extremely vital aspect of any offline and online business, and you should be taking advantage of how easy it is to create your brand identity online. Unlike with traditional ads, it’s far easier to connect with customers through internet marketing, and to show your business exactly as you want it to be seen.

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