22 Mar

How to Improve the Shopping Experience of Your Online Customers

With online shopping growing rapidly in popularity, providing a great customer experience is no longer restricted to the high street. When it comes to shopping, most people would agree that they wouldn’t return to a store if the aisles were untidy and disorganised, they couldn’t purchase their goods securely, and the goods were priced ridiculously. The same is true for the online world – when it comes to running an e-commerce store, providing your customers with an awesome experience when they shop will keep them coming back for more and earn you some serious reputation points. We’ve listed some of the most effective methods of improving the customer experience at your e-commerce store.

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Upgrade Your Platform

If you are using a cheap, low-quality e-commerce platform, this could be contributing to a poor overall customer experience when shopping. Investing in an e-commerce platform upgrade, for example using this recommended Magento agency, will ensure that your customers are receiving a top service and create a great impression of your online store. Along with choosing a high-quality e-commerce platform that offers a great UI and a series of customer service features, outsourcing your e-commerce tasks to a reliable, experienced agency can help you to get the best results.

Ensure Secure Payments

When it comes to shopping online, many customers are still worried about their secure financial details being stolen. This is very understandable – even in the digital age of today, identity theft happens online more often than many of us realise. So, a secure payment system that allows customers to enter their payment card details with confidence and peace of mind is one of the most important components of a great online shopping experience. Along with this, it can help to give customers the option to pay with a range of other more secure methods, such as PayPal payments, which can easily be accepted on all good e-commerce platforms.

Easy to Use Navigation

Feeling like you’re navigating a maze would surely put anybody off purchasing in a high street store, and the same goes for shopping online. If it takes customers a long time to be able to find the items that they are looking to purchase, this can easily damage their opinion of your store and perhaps even leave them looking for an alternative. Investing in a professional web design that’s easy to navigate and includes a handy search tool so customers can find exactly what they’re looking for is critical to ensure a great shopping experience.

Develop an App

Lastly, developing a mobile app which customers can use to purchase products from your e-commerce store is a very worthwhile investment to consider making. With more and more web users swapping desktop and laptop PCs for smartphones and tablets, developing an app makes sense since they are easy to use with these kinds of devices. Being able to return to their basket easily in an app provides a much more convenient online shopping experience for customers. Additionally, you can utilise the power of push notifications for marketing.

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25 Jul

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20 Oct

How to Switch from Offline to Online Business


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14 Sep

Neil Emilfarb’s Model – How to Prepare and Execute an Expansion on a New Market

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24 Aug

5 Key Skills You Need to Get Promoted

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28 Jun

Business Expansion Strategies Every Leader Needs to Consider

Business Expansion Strategies

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19 Mar

The Difference Between Project and Product Development


Product development and project development, though sounding similar, are entirely different concepts. In fact, they sound so similar that at times people, including those specializing in either of these two fail to distinguish between the two. So, in case you intend hiring the services of any of the two, you should essentially be able to differentiate between them, for if you go wrong in hiring the services of the right professional, you’ll be wasting your time, money and efforts. Read More