07 May

Maximize Your Work Performance With These 6 Tricks

Lately it has become difficult to really tell the difference between working hours and everything else. People seem to be taking their work home and thinking about it even during dinners and family outings. But if you maximize your performance while at work, you can leave the office carefree and enjoy your time with friends, family or yourself. Here are some tricks that might help. Read More

14 Apr

Freelancing in 2016: The Best Home Jobs


More than 14 million people in the United States are self-employed, according to the latest data from BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and many of those people are freelancers who work from their homes on a job-to-job basis for both small companies and large enterprises. However, some home workers are employed people who just need additional income and some are parents who wish to make income while staying home with their kids. Read More

20 Jun

Inspirational People to Steal Ideas FromĀ 

Pony Ma

There are plenty startup companies that fail during the first year of their existence, but only few of them manage to succeed and become a multinational enterprises that bring huge profits to their founders. Some of those people like to share their experiences with younger generations of entrepreneurs. By listening and analysing these successful stories beginners can learn a lot about running a successful business. In this article you can read about some of the most influential business people from several different industries. Read More