15 Jan

Immigrating To Monaco: The Benefits

monaco from afar

Beautiful Monaco, nestled on the edge of the Mediterranean, is a lot more than just a holiday destination for many Europeans. It’s also a popular target for permanent relocation thanks to its financial situation. The city-state of Monaco has some impressive financial credentials: It has the lowest poverty rate in the world, the highest GDP per capita, and a truly outrageous proportion of millionaires and billionaires. The standard of living in Monaco is extremely high and has been for decades.

( Cayman Islands are also a good solution. )

What are the financial attractions that make Monaco a haven for the wealthy? These are the key draws:

* No Income Tax

Citizens of Monaco enjoy the world’s lowest tax bracket, ensuring that more (in fact, all) of their take-home pay is theirs to do with as they please. The city-state’s unemployment rate is an astonishing zero percent, so this tax policy affects every citizen in a positive way. Income is considerably above European averages, so most residents are enjoying very healthy compensation.

* No Tax On Capital Gains

Residents of Monaco do not pay capital gains tax. This is one of the factors driving the petite country’s property market to such heights. Property in Monaco is amongst the world’s most valuable, with the average square metre trading hands for an astonishing 65,600GBP.

* No Wealth Tax

Although the UK does not have a wealth tax itself, this form of taxation is increasingly common in continental Europe. Such taxes are imposed by France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. This makes Monaco an attractive destination for relocation and asset transfer – rich French citizens are particularly enthusiastic about coming to Monaco for this purpose.

* No Inheritance Tax

One’s heirs pay no tax on estates in Monaco. Inheritance taxes can be vast in other European nations.

* Favorable Location

All of the continent’s major cultural and financial centers – Paris, London, and Zurich – are easily accessible from Monaco. It’s a convenient place from which to run a business, and it also features an extremely comfortable climate.

* Financial Security

Though Monaco’s personal financial restrictions are minimal, the rules and regulations applied to businesses and banks are much more thorough.

* Pro-Business

The strict regulations governing businesses and branches operating in Monaco don’t serve to drive off any companies. Those that choose to operate in Monaco enjoy very favorable business tax rates, more than making up for the regulatory complexities of the city-state.

Though Monaco is a member state of the European Union, becoming a resident takes considerably more than simply relocating to the city-state. Monaco has a vested interest in preserving and maintaining its high social and economic standards. That means the financial requirements and background checks are extremely thorough.

On the financial side, prospective residents are required to have a local bank account. Since minimum initial deposits at Monaco banks are generally on the order of 300,000GBP, this is not an insignificant bar to clear. Would-be residents also have to go through a criminal background check that needs to turn up a completely crime-free history for at least the last five years. Many individuals turn to the help of dedicated consulting companies for relocation to Monaco ( http://www.relocation-monaco.com ) to help them with all the details and paperwork.


12 Oct

4 Things to Consider Before Choosing your POS Products

With so many varieties available, finding the right POS products for your business can be difficult. If you’re starting from scratch, with no POS products whatsoever and little knowledge about which will suit you, it can be hard to find your perfect match. Before making any purchases, you should take into consideration a number of things – 4, to be exact – that will help you to get what you need.

What’s your Business?

The first thing you should consider is what your business is, and so what you will need your POS products for. If you’re a clothes shop, for example, most advertising is usually images of products on posters, so snap frames are probably best for you, whereas a restaurant is advertising their food so will, of course, need menu holders and also products such as chalkboards for daily specials. Knowing what you need is the first step to finding the right POS.

display in snap frames


What’s your Budget?

You should also be considering your budget before buying POS products. Although it is a very cheap and cost effective way to advertise, if you’re buying multiple products it can soon add up. Know how much you can realistically spend before buying, and then how much you can spend on each type of POS product, taking into account how much they cost – that is if you’re buying multiple varieties of course. This will prevent you from spending a load of money on, say, leaflet holders, and being left with only enough for one snap frame. A disaster!

How Much Room?

It’s pointless buying a load of POS products only to realise you have nowhere to put them. This is why it’s important to plan ahead and look at what space you have. If you have a lot of wall space, anything that can be wall-mounted is a good idea, and before buying pavement signs make sure you actually have room to put them on the street without getting in everybody’s way. Make a plan of where all the products you’re buying will go before you hand over any money, and don’t forget about storage of them too!


Which Variety of your Chosen Variety?

That’s right, the choices aren’t over once you’ve selected a type of POS products. You’ll need to also consider which style of that product you would like, depending on your use and it’s location. For example, should you get lockable poster cases or will snap frames do? A weighted pavement sign or one with wheels? These should all be decided based on how you plan to use your POS products, and the practical aspects such as safety and accessibility.

POS products can be a great asset to any business, as long as you pick the right ones! Considering these factors before you make any purchases will help you to get what you need and stop you from realising too late that you haven’t got the room or you’ve spent too much money, or whatever disaster has occurred. Once you’ve found exactly the right products for you, you’ll be grateful you took the time to go through these questions.


19 Jul

What Does Gundlach Say About Gold

About Gold

Over the weekend, the head of DoubleLine Capital and Bond Guru gave an interview, and Gundlach said what he thought about different factors such as the upcoming US elections and the fallout from Brexit. He maintained his views that gold prices will continue to rise, and that gold miners would have a probability of making 10%, if gold was bought today. He added that a gain of 10% on Treasuries is about 20%. Read More

29 Feb

Why Managing Client Expectations Is So Important

Awesome Client Expectations

As a creative entrepreneur, business owner or freelancer, one of the most critical things that you will ever do is exceed your clients expectations.  That can be a very difficult thing to pull off when everybody around you has their own different vision.  However, today we will be covering the precise steps for you to take in order to Read More