14 Apr

Freelancing in 2016: The Best Home Jobs


More than 14 million people in the United States are self-employed, according to the latest data from BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics) and many of those people are freelancers who work from their homes on a job-to-job basis for both small companies and large enterprises. However, some home workers are employed people who just need additional income and some are parents who wish to make income while staying home with their kids.

While working from home certainly not for everyone, it definitely has its advantages – there is no commute time, there are no co-workers to distract you (which can lead to a higher efficiency rate, according to ConnectSolutions) and you even have the ability to send emails from your bed. If all of this sounds appealing, and you think that you have the self-discipline to stay concentrated and productive, you may want to check out some of the jobs we listed.


On average, transcription work for journalists pays $0.75-$1.50 per minute of audio, and if you have some background in a specific field of work, such as healthcare, you can earn even more money. However, you should know that most of the healthcare transcription jobs require an AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity) certification. A typical worker earns roughly $34.000 yearly, and the field is expected to grow by the end of the decade.

Freelance Writing

Quality content is in demand like never before, which means there is a constant need for good writers, in fact, more than 70% of blogs are publishing material weekly, or even more often according to a recent Curata study. A writer can earn cash by individual posts and contract, providing content for sites and blogs of media outlets and different companies. The rates depend on the quality of your writing and range considerably from 5-10 dollars for a 500-word post, to a dollar (or even more) a word.

Multi-level Marketing

If you want to earn money and control your schedule, you should definitely look into the multi-level marketing – the business is especially recommendable for young parents, who are trying to spend as much time with their families as possible. You should choose a company with a product you like, because it will make your job infinitely easier. You will have to both sell products and recruit people, so it is recommendable to seek out multi level marketing training courses, if you do not have a lot of experience. The income goes from $10.000 up to $50.000, depending on how much you sell and how many people your recruit.

Customer Service

Many companies, such as Spiegel and Hilton, are looking for people with solid computing skills and good speaking abilities to help their clients with placing an order or solve an argument. If you are looking for a part-time job, this might be the best solution for you, just keep in mind that you are required to devote at least four hours of your time. An average pay is around $35.000, and you just need to fill out an application with a staffing company like Arise and wait for a call.

As we mentioned before, working from home is not everyone, many people like working for an employer because they fear the self-employment tax rates. However, working from home may become a worldwide phenomenon – a recent global survey by PGI revealed that 60% of remote workers would leave their current jobs for a remote position at the same pay.

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