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Growing With Your Business: Developing Marketing Strategies

Guerrilla marketing

Ideally, as an entrepreneur, you want to develop your business from a small entrepreneurship, to a business, and from a business to a large company. To do so, you need to find a great business model, conduct a bulletproof financial plan, and, of course, you need both innovative and proven marketing strategies.

The following article will address the most lucrative marketing tactics that you should apply, from the level of entrepreneurship to your future company. Before we start, please do realize how much branding is important in this day and age, and start thinking about a logo and a message you want to send right away.

Guerrilla marketing

Step 1: Guerrilla Marketing

If you are not entirely familiar with this term, don’t worry, people use it a lot just because it sounds cool, but this is the best way of self promoting yourself. The key factor is to think outside the box and be creative. Don’t restrain, go all out, but do keep in mind that you should be sending a positive message. Depending on your line of work, you can consider hiring a street artist to promote you, or make a publicity stunt. Whatever it is that you are planning on doing – don’t hold back, this is the perfect way to get your name out there. Catch attention of the media as well as the crowd. Here are some examples that could inspire you.

Step 2: Signs and Banners

Now that you’ve put your name out there, the next obvious step would be to invest in signs and banners. Let people know you are there, and keep your advertisement inventive. Again, don’t hold back, have stickers, flyers, posters, anything that comes to your mind and you can print your logo on it – do so. We will talk about promotional products as well, down below, but before that we have to address the obvious strategy, which is…

Step 3: Get Online

78% of the people are sick and tired of hearing statistics about social media impact on marketing. While the previous statistic is absolutely made up, you can have a look at some that are not here. We are all well aware how much is online presence important in this era of technological revolution, so spare no effort and time on your Facebook profile, Twitter account, website, blog, and keep sending positive vibes. Ride the waves of trends, feel free to engage and communicate, but know your core audience and always address them.

Step 4: Promotional Products

At this point, you are well aware how unique sale proposal affects your business. One thing that you can surely add to that offer is a free T-shirt with your logo on it, or on an umbrella, a bag, a pen – whatever suits you. Mouth to mouth advocacy is certainly done easy through social media, but you should cover all grounds and nothing will promote you better than your name displayed on people walking down the street. All big companies do invest in promotional products for a reason, and if you are doing your job right, you will get here sooner or later and become a CEO of your own company. This leads us to our next step.

Promotional Products

Step 5: Coupons

Coupons are a great marketing strategy for both large companies and small businesses. It is a perfect way to gain reports and research material for your target audience, and the best way to promote a new product through the popular ones. At the same time, customers love them. You will never hear a person complaining about Amazon promotional codes, in fact, they will refer you and your business to their friends, gaining you more audience and market expenditure.

Step 6: Public Speaking

When you are at the very top, people want to listen to you. As an entrepreneur, you should know that business is all about emotions, and you should learn to affect people in a positive way, provide insights and draw attention to your work. At this moment, you are establishing a legacy, so keep your lectures insightful and memorable.

These are just basic strategies that you should apply as your company grows. Please feel free to research this matter further, and keep in mind that creativity and innovation is what counts. All strategies are more or less good, but only with diligence they will provide results.

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