25 Dec

Is There Such A Thing As a Happy Job or Employee?

a happy employee

The other day one of my coworkers forwarded me an article entitled “the happiest employees.” It contained a list of professions that seems to employ the happiest employees. The professions it includes are Software Engineers/Developers, Systems Integrators, Sales Development Managers, Artists, Consultants, Coaches and 2/3 more that I fail to recall. Personally, I believe people who love their job and enjoy doing it are among the happiest lot of employees. Yet, I kept wondering what prompted the author to label the above said professionals to be the happiest employees! And, here is my take on that.










Though I didn’t really go through the article, I suddenly realized the reason that made these guys categorized among the happiest is the freedom of time that they get. These professionals get utmost freedom and flexibility. Having achieved his monthly target, a salesman is free to do whatever he likes. A software developer or system analyst can do their job from almost anywhere, office or home.

Perhaps, you thought that the happiest are those occupied with highly paid jobs. Only the wearer knows where the shoe pinches, but it should not surprise you to learn that people drawing high salaries are also the people who pay maximum taxes and are perennially under debts. And do you know who doesn’t pay such high rates of taxes? It is the owner of the company who employs them! Yes, that is one secret they would never like sharing with anybody. I learnt it from my accountant who summed up tax filing of my business and my job income revenue. Anybody can guess who benefits more!

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